ThermiVa rejuvenation in Algonquin: How does it work to treat incontinence and intimate concerns?

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ThermiVa rejuvenation in Algonquin
In the past, if vaginal dryness or laxity interfered with your quality of life by making sex painful or causing embarrassing “accidents,” your only relief may have been to go under the knife or hormonal treatments. Thanks to ThermiVA rejuvenation in Algonquin at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, you have a non-invasive, low-risk, gentle, and effective treatment for these and other conditions caused by changes to intimate internal and external tissues.

ThermiVa: How does it work?

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Vic Khanna and his professional team offer many nonsurgical treatments to tighten skin on the face and body. Lax skin is caused in part by changes that occur under the surface over time, such as the loss of elastin. These types of age-related changes can also affect the vagina and surrounding tissues. Muscle tone decreases naturally with the passage of time, and lower levels of estrogen contribute to a thinning or atrophying of the vaginal lining. Childbirth also plays a role; tissues may be damaged, particularly if the baby is large or labor is long. These factors result in loose tissues and muscles, which affect the pleasure you get from sex, and can cause bladder leakage.

With conventional treatments, not every patient was a viable candidate for surgery. Even women who were candidates for surgery may have shied away due to the potential risks, and demands on the body for healing. Likewise, not every woman is a suitable candidate for hormone replacement therapy or estrogen-containing products; for example, women with past histories of ovarian or breast cancer, stroke, and blood clots.


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ThermiVa is an effective alternative to surgery and HRT for tightening both delicate labial folds outside of the vagina and internal areas.

  • Treating labial tissues creates softer, smoother skin.
  • Feel confident about wearing leggings, running tights, or swimwear again!
  • The "magic" of ThermiVa comes from the use of radiofrequency energy.
  • RF heats tissues, which promotes the production of new firming collagen.
  • Treated skin is softer, thicker, and moister – effective relief from uncomfortable dryness that affects supportive, surrounding vaginal tissues!
Dr. Khanna uses specialized equipment to safely, precisely, and efficiently deliver this powerful and proven RF energy. An RF generator powers a comfortable “S-shaped” handpiece that conforms to the natural contours of your body. In Dr. Khanna’s skilled hands, the RF energy transfers heat in a manner that is temperature-controlled for maximum safety and patient comfort. Fears over the sterility of the handpiece are eliminated, because no applicator is used twice.

As the heat is delivered in a controlled fashion to labial and/or vaginal tissues, these areas are tightened, and collagen is replenished. Like elastin, the body’s natural production of collagen proteins also decreases over time and contributes to saggy, loose skin. In addition to stimulating tissue contraction, the well-regulated heat associated with RF energy devices like ThermiVa is thought to have a therapeutic effect on muscle, tissue, and nerve healing.

ThermiVa treatment may be attractive ThermiVa treatment may be attractive because:
  • It’s a “true” lunchtime procedure. Both areas can be treated in 30 minutes.
  • Technology is gentle and comfortable, so no shots, painkillers, or numbing creams.
  • There’s no downtime! Since there is nothing to heal from, get back to work and other activities without missing a beat.
  • You may notice immediate improvement.
  • Results last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
  • Maintenance is easy with a single annual appointment.
  • Concerns over changes to sensation, discomfort, scarring, and other risks of surgical or laser-assisted vaginal and labial rejuvenation are avoided.
ThermiVa may also be an ideal approach for women who haven’t experienced a difference with Kegel muscle strengthening exercises, but weren’t candidates for surgery or didn’t want to take invasive steps to get relief.

Now you don’t have to turn to conventional hormonal or surgical techniques to transform your sex life and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life.

These problems simply don’t have to affect your intimate relationships or day-to-day activities anymore. Since Dermatology Specialists of Illinois has the advanced technologies in-house to treat both internal and external tissue laxity, Dr. Khanna and the team are able to improve or eliminate a wide range of conditions, from stress incontinence to sexual dysfunction. Don’t live another day with the embarrassment, pain, and anxiety when you don’t have to – call us for care you can trust and that is sensitive to your needs and concerns.