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The American Academy of Dermatology reports patients with severe acne are 46 percent more likely to suffer from major depression; untreated eczema significantly increases the risk of ocular diseases, such as glaucoma; and diabetics are 50 percent more likely to develop psoriasis. As specialists in the care, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions, dermatologists understand the interaction between the skin and the rest of the body. When the skin isn't healthy or doesn't look its best, it has harmful effects on a person's quality of life, overall health, and wellbeing. Your dermatology specialists in Woodstock, IL, are best equipped to keep you looking and feeling your healthy best with comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic services.

Board-certified dermatologists: A smart choice

Since your skin's health, comfort, and appearance can negatively affect so many aspects of your life, it's essential to be selective about the practitioner or practice you trust for skincare products, guidance, and therapies. Even conditions that appear to be bothersome and exclusively "cosmetic" may be signs of systemic disease.

Skilled skin specialists are trained to distinguish between exclusively cosmetic concerns and conditions that require medical dermatological treatment or treatment from other medical specialists. The ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint diseases leads to effective and timely treatment. Consider the following scenarios:
  • A recurrent itchy, crusty spot at the hairline – Yes, this could be seborrheic dermatitis (or dandruff) or an acne flare-up. Alternately, what you think is an aggravating persistent pimple, or benign spot may be actinic keratosis (a pre-cancerous lesion) or full-blown skin cancer. When detected early and addressed with appropriate removal techniques and therapies, skin cancer is highly treatable.
  • Dark undereye circles: As you age and structural changes occur within the skin, dark shadows may appear underneath the eyes, or existing shadows may worsen in appearance. But you may not need a prescription-strength product or surgical or noninvasive therapy to treat hollows or pigmentation problems. Drinking more water and inventorying your sleep patterns can be helpful, or you may suffer from seasonal allergies, especially if dark circles are accompanied by itching and congestion.
  • Itchy skin: Dry skin is prevalent, especially during our brutal Illinois winters; however, this frequent complaint may also be chalked up to irritating substances. If contact dermatitis is identified to be the culprit, it's essential to determine the irritating substance. And you can avoid it, or you can take steps to minimize exposure or protect from the irritant. Many other conditions are also associated with itching, including viruses like chickenpox and internal illness – from thyroid disease to lymphoma. The need to scratch your skin when suffering from these and other viral or internal conditions can be too intense (not relieved with topical creams or powders alone).
  • Blue or purple discoloration: What you think may be spider veins or varicose veins requiring aesthetic treatment may indicate a more serious medical problem. For instance, when the blue or purple lines appear in a "net-like" pattern that persists even when your skin warms up, you may have a circulatory problem such as cholesterol emboli. When cholesterol is released into the bloodstream and obstructs distant blood vessels, this embolism commonly causes skin problems.
With so many potentially serious medical complications, trust your health to board-certified dermatologists. Dr. Vic Khanna of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois has Board certification through the American Board of Dermatology, a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties. These rigorous requirements include completing a minimum three-year dermatology residency program at an accredited institution and at least 12,000 to 16,000 patient care hours.

Investments in people and technologies

Dermatology Specialists of Illinois' capabilities also show in its broad range of onsite technologies and services, including: What keeps you up at night – itchy skin? A nagging sore that won't go away. Get peace of mind from a team that you can trust—call (844) 307-7546 to schedule your consultation at the Woodstock IL office of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois.

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