Restore Your Confidence Through Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation in Elgin, IL

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Non-surgical Vaginal Tightening Thermiva in Elgin IL area
Vaginal rejuvenation is a process that can’t be narrowed down to a single procedure. There are injections and creams that can be used, or you could choose to have surgery or laser treatments. Dr. Vikram Khanna and his staff at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois offer a quick, comfortable & non-invasive in-office solution called ThermiVa. If you are looking to have a tighter, more beautiful & rejuvenated vagina, ThermiVa may be right for you.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to the vagina. Some people believe that their vagina can permanently lose its elasticity and become loose permanently. This is not factual. Vaginas are more elastic than many believe but can begin to loosen as you have children or age. Frequent sex will not cause your vagina to loosen. It’s important to understand the actual reasons behind why your vagina may start to loosen and if vaginal tightening may be right for you.


As you begin to progress in age, usually around your 40th birthday, you may begin seeing a change in the elasticity of your vagina. The most common reason for this is because, as you enter the perimenopausal stage, your estrogen levels will begin dropping. Collagen, a protein that makes your skin firm and elastic, also begins to diminish. This drop-in estrogen and/or loss of collagen can be the cause behind your vaginal tissue becoming:

  • Drier
  • Thinner
  • Less elasticity
  • Less acidic

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Vaginal childbirth is a leading cause for changes in a woman’s vagina. This is due to the amount of stretching that the vaginal tissue must endure for a newborn to pass through the birth canal and enter the world. Once this process has been completed, you may notice that your vagina feels looser than it did prior to childbirth. While the vagina will snap back just a few days after the childbirth, it’s very possible it may not regain its original shape or form. This is especially true if a woman goes through multiple childbirths. With each birth, the vagina will begin to lose more elasticity.

ThermiVa – What It Is and Why You May Need It

ThermiVa What It Is and Why You May Need It in Elgin, IL area If you are looking for an out-patient, minimally invasive and non-hormonal treatment that will rejuvenate and tighten your vagina, you should ask Dr. Khanna about ThermiVa and if it is right for you. It is a state-of-the-art treatment using the first of its kind technology. ThermiVa is the only temperature-controlled radiofrequency system for women who would like a rejuvenated and tighter vagina.

The procedure is painless, and most patients compare the process to a warm massage. While there may be other feminine rejuvenation treatments on the market, those provide a more aggressive laser treatment which has been said to be uncomfortable and require downtime for the patient. This is why Dr. Khanna has chosen ThermiVa so that patients will see positive results with no downtime and feel maximum comfort throughout the process.

With ThermiVa, you can expect the complete treatment to consist of three treatments. Each treatment is spaced out at 4-week intervals and each session should be expected to last between 30 to 45 minutes. During the procedure, a handpiece is inserted into the vagina which begins to gently heat the tissue via emission of radiofrequency energy. The handpiece is designed with a woman’s comfort in mind. The width of the handpiece is only about half an inch and is shaped to fit comfortably inside the vagina. The small metal square on the bottom of the electrode is the active tip that emits the energy.

If you believe that vaginal tightening and rejuvenation is right for you, please call (844) 307-7546 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Khanna at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois. He will be happy to give you an evaluation and provide an educated recommendation. He will go over the options available and answer any questions you may have regarding the ThermiVa procedure. Dr. Khanna and his associates want you to have the most comfortable and stress-free experience as possible.