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Let Latisse enhance the beauty of your eyes

latisse treatment from Illinois Dermatologist Eyes are mentioned in millions of poems and songs, across all cultures. Why? No other facial feature embodies your unique essence and every emotional nuance quite the way eyes do. A thick dark fringe of lashes sets off any eye color beautifully. With the use of Latisse, you can grow longer and fuller lashes. This treatment is a safe, excellent solution for inadequate or insufficient eyelashes. Latisse is available at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois in Algonquin.

Eyelashes and aging

Unfortunately, eyelashes thin naturally as part of the aging process. Like other hair, lashes develop in four stages – growth, rest, shed, and re-growth. As we age, this cycle is interrupted as eyelash follicles constrict, slowing or halting the production of new hairs. These factors also contribute to skimpy lashes:
  • Heredity
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications and therapies
  • Rubbing or scrubbing eyes aggressively
  • False eyelashes and lash extensions

Latisse basics

Latisse has a remarkable history, based in ocular medicine. Allergan, a pioneer and global leader in eye care, developed a medicated drop for ocular hypertension – increased eye pressure due to glaucoma. The active ingredient in the drops is bimatoprost. Many patients discovered a surprising and pleasant side effect – thicker, longer, darker eyelashes.

After clinical trials and thorough testing, in 2008, the FDA approved Latisse for cosmetic use in growing lashes. Since then, more than 1.5 million prescriptions have been written for this treatment.

It is easy!

Latisse is a painless, once-a-day treatment. You simply apply the bimatoprost ophthalmic cream to the base of your upper eyelashes each day, and watch lashes continue to get longer, thicker, and darker. Full results occur within 16 weeks. Continued use maintains lash quality.

Latisse is not right for everyone. Be sure to speak with Dr. Khanna to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment, and please do not use Latisse if have an eye infection, eye condition, or irritated skin.

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