Dr. Khanna, dermatologist near Elgin, IL, provides comprehensive skin care for all ages

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Beauty and skin care - mother and daughter with cream
Skin care issues can appear at any age, from infancy to older adulthood. When you have a dermatologist, you can trust to treat your whole family, getting medical or cosmetic skin care is easy and you can feel confident you will get the results you want, whether it is healthier skin or a younger, more radiant appearance. At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, located near Elgin, IL, we have skin care solutions for the whole family.

Skin care for babies and young children

Infants and toddlers often have skin issues such as eczema, rashes, moles, or warts. Dr. Vikram Khanna trained at the highly acclaimed Rainbow Babies Hospital in Cleveland, OH and understands the special care that is needed for young children. He keeps your child at ease while diagnosing and treating skin conditions and works with the child’s primary pediatrician to provide the highest quality of care.

Adolescent and teen skin issues

Many adolescents and teens suffer from acne, and even the occasional flare-up can be devastating to their self-esteem if it happens at the wrong time. We offer solutions for skin conditions that can be embarrassing to teens such as acne and rosacea so they can get back to their lives with confidence.

Cosmetic and skin health issues as we age

As you age, you may have the occasional rash or other skin issue that a dermatologist needs to treat, as well as the skin-related concerns of aging. Your skin should be evaluated on a yearly basis for any suspicious spots to ensure you are not developing skin cancer, and our team can also use this time to work with you on developing a skin care regimen to reveal brighter, younger skin. In addition to recommendations about what types of products to use and how often, our office provides a full suite of cosmetic and spa procedures to help bring your healthiest skin forward. Common treatments include:

As a family dermatologist, Dr. Khanna is ready to treat everyone in the family, no matter what the skin condition is. Call Dermatology Specialists of Illinois near Elgin, IL at (844) 307-7546 to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child today.