Dr. Khanna, dermatologist near Carpentersville, IL, provides variety of skin care services for all ages

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At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, our number one priority is you. We are a family dermatology practice that provides care from the youngest to the oldest of patients, and no skin issue is too small if it is affecting your quality of life or your confidence. Our office serves patients from Carpentersville, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas. Dermatologist Vikram “Vic” Khanna grew up in the Chicagoland area, and is committed to serving the community with high-quality dermatological care.

Dermatology care: not just for skin cancer and rashes

You may think of a dermatologist as someone who mostly deals with skin cancer and rashes, but a dermatologist can provide a broad array of services that keep your skin healthy, radiant, and youthful throughout the years.

If you are living with unpleasant conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, or any other chronic skin condition, Dr. Khanna can perform a comprehensive examination and discuss your symptoms to diagnose your condition and determine the best treatment plan for your specific skin care needs. He is well-recognized for his skills as a dermatologic surgeon, particularly in the removal of cysts, moles, lipomas, and skin cancer, and has also trained at a pediatric hospital and understands the needs of even the youngest of patients. Common medical conditions that we treat include:

Even if you don’t have any painful or inflammatory skin conditions, you can benefit from a visit to the dermatologist. Skin damage can occur with even small doses of sun exposure, so everyone should have their skin checked at least once per year by a dermatologist to make sure that no suspicious growths have appeared on your skin.

A dermatologist can also provide you with recommendations on keeping your skin soft and healthy during all seasons. At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic and spa services to rejuvenate your skin, reduce the signs of aging, and bring back its youthful appearance. We use only the highest quality products and take a highly personalized approach in providing all services so that you can achieve the best possible results for your specific needs.

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