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Curative skin cancer treatment available in Algonquin

Sensus Logo While skin cancer may be a scary thing to experience, there are many treatment options available, depending on a patient's particular situation. Nearly all forms of skin cancer are curable, but the key is catching it and treating it early. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, the dermatologists at Dermatology Specialists off Illinois in Algonquin can offer a number of treatment options.
Skin cancer removal and treatment options:
  • Superficial radiation therapy (SRT) – SRT is a low-energy treatment method that painlessly penetrates just beneath the surface of skin. This method has an excellent cure rate. It is a good choice for hard to heal areas such as scalp or legs, or on the face to avoid surgical scars.

    Superficial Radiation Therapy explained by Dr. Vic Khanna

    Superficial Radiation Therapy explained by Dr. Vic Khanna
    Dr. Vic Khanna explains how superficial radiation therapy is used in treating skin cancers.
    Dr. Khanna also says that this treatment is used to treat skin cancer for nearly a century and also they have treated about 1000 patients with superficial radiation therapy in the past few years.
    Superficial Radiation Therapy is used to treat skin cancers.

    This treatment has been used to cure skin cancers for nearly a century. During the last few years it has been made safe with the new machine and we have treated about 1000 patients already.

    This is a painless and scarless treatment for skin cancer, which is really great.

    This is a treatment for basal cell and squamous cell cancers, but not for melanoma skin cancer.

    The other place where this treatment can be used is for keloid treatments and it is FDA approved. A keloid is a thick scar that occurs in patients who have had some injury to their skin.

    Keloids are most common in individuals of colour with an Asian and African ancestry . These scars are unsightly and can be painful.

    After these scars are removed once again, this treatment with superficial radiation therapy will be done for three consecutive days.

    It offers 94% cure rate. This is the best treatment for keloid and we are excited about that.

    Call Dermatology Specialists of Illinois at (844) 307-7546 to learn more about Superficial Radiation Therapy-SRT.
  • Surgical excision – With this procedure, the skin cancer is removed by surgically cutting it out of the skin. This only requires the use of a local anesthetic, and can be performed in the office.
  • Electrodessication and curettage – With this procedure, the cancer is scraped with a curette, and then cauterized by an electric needle. This common procedure does not require stitches.
  • Topical chemotherapy – Topical chemotherapy is an anti-cancer medication that is applied to cancer or pre-cancerous skin. With topical chemotherapy, patients will not have to experience the side effects of internally taken chemotherapy drugs when treating their skin cancer.
  • Injectable chemotherapy – Injectable chemotherapy is an anti-cancer medication that is injected into cancerous skin. With injectable chemotherapy, patients will be given an effective treatment option, without the need for surgery and scarring.
  • Radiation – Radiation therapy is typically used when skin cancer is either hard to remove, or covers a large area. With repeat exposure to radiation, cancer cells are destroyed over time. This option often involves eight to 15 treatments, and is typically only used for older adults.
Sensus Branded Stock Photo We offer all of these treatments at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois. Call (844) 307-7546 to schedule a consultation.

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