Your search to find a dermatologist near Lake in the Hills, IL is over

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It can be hard to find a good dermatologist nearby that you can trust with all your medical and cosmetic skin care needs, much less one that treats the whole family. Fortunately, your search is over! Dr. Vikram “Vic” Khanna and the team of professionals at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois near Lake in the Hills, IL offer a wide variety of skin care solutions for all ages. From medical treatments for issues such as skin cancer, eczema, warts, and other conditions to cosmetic and spa services to reveal your most youthful, radiant skin, Dr. Khanna’s practice has everything you need.

Keeping your skin healthy

Even a small amount of exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin. It is important to get your skin checked every year by a qualified dermatologist to ensure that you don’t have any suspicious spots on your body, such as pre-cancerous or cancerous growths. Melanoma is one of the most well-known types of skin cancer, but there are several types of skin cancer that can affect you even from an early age. When skin cancer is caught early, it is typically highly treatable. Dr. Khanna takes great care to remove any pre-cancerous or cancerous spots in a way that minimizes scarring while still protecting your health.

If you have any other medical issues with your skin, from acne to vitiligo, we are well-equipped to determine what it is and treat it. Dr. Khanna is an expert at diagnosing even the rarest of skin conditions and takes great care to work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for your needs, preferences, and budget.

Cosmetic services to revitalize your skin

With a full array of spa and cosmetic services, the Dermatology Specialists of Illinois can help you achieve the youthful, glowing skin you have always wanted. The following list includes just a small sampling of the services we provide:

Take the first steps towards healthier, younger-looking skin and call Dr. Khanna’s office, conveniently located near Lake in the Hills, IL, at (844) 307-7546 for an appointment today.