Superficial radiotherapy treatment, or SRT, available to Algonquin, IL area patients

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Superficial Radiotherapy Algonquin IL area
At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, patients in the community of Algonquin, IL can seek treatment for a variety of skin concerns, including skin cancer. Dr. Vikram Khanna is a Board-certified dermatologist who is proud to offer solutions such as SRT, or Superficial Radiotherapy Treatments.

What is SRT?

SRT is a non-surgical treatment for skin cancer. It stands for Superficial Radiotherapy Treatments, or Superficial Radiation Therapy. It provides an option for patients with skin cancer that eliminates invasive surgeries. Instead of undergoing surgery and dealing with stitches and scarring, this method treats skin cancer in visible areas of the face and body without incisions. The team of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois believes in helping patients address their medical concerns in the most conservative way.

How is SRT performed?

SRT treatments are performed right in our office. With radiation administered right where it’s needed, we can treat skin cancer non-surgically. Treatments take approximately fifteen minutes or less, and patients will want to schedule approximately 12-16 visits to successfully treat the area. SRT is perfect for patients who have non-melanoma skin cancer on the facial area and want to avoid scarring from excision procedures.

How does SRT work?

SRT works by treating the skin cancer with the alteration of abnormal DNA in the cancer cells. Not only does this prevent the cancerous cells from spreading but it destroys malignant skin cancers. This low level of radiotherapy is completely safe and doesn’t penetrate too deep into the skin. It is best at targeting cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, curing many of our patients of their cancers. It is best for superficial cancers, not those that run deep. Situations such as that may require treatments such as Mohs micrographic surgery instead.

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What are the benefits of SRT?

SRT is:
  • Pain-free
  • Gentle
  • Concentrated
  • Aesthetic
  • Versatile
  • Proven
  • Affordable
Patients who are considering radiation in this manner will often want to learn about how it works and discuss their options with a professional who has years of experience in providing treatment. We understand that many patients have questions about this and other skin cancer solutions, and we take the time to talk with patients regarding their concerns. Many find that SRT is a safe and effective treatment that can be used on many types of cancer on visible areas of the body and face, and often use it as the first line of defense against newly diagnosed cancers.

When might patients need other treatments?

When might patients need other treatments in Algonquin Il area There are many different types of skin cancer, and there are also many different types of treatments. Some treatments work better than others, depending on the diagnosis. Other treatments such as surgical excision with Mohs micrographic surgery may be better for one patient versus another. Therefore, an evaluation with a board-certified dermatologist such as Dr. Vikram Khanna is important. It allows him the opportunity to determine the type of cancer and then assist patients in choosing a procedure to treat it that is best for their specific needs. Getting a diagnosis of cancer can be scary, but treatment doesn’t have to be.

Why choose Dr. Vikram Khanna?

At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, we are always ensuring we use the most conservative methods to treat skin conditions. Patients love SRT because it offers an alternative to surgery. Dr. Vikram Khanna is one of the few dermatologists in the area to offer SRT technology, giving him the edge when compared to other practices in Algonquin, IL. He has the training and experience to know that radiation therapy works for patients who have non-melanoma cancers and want a non-invasive way to address the issue.

Ready to learn about solutions for skin cancer?

Call Dermatology Specialists of Illinois to book an appointment with Dr. Vikram Khanna and his team. He is proud to offer SRT solutions to patients in the areas of Algonquin, IL and Woodstock, IL. Patients can call the office at (844) 307-7546 to book a consultation visit with our team to learn more about this and other skin cancer treatment options that can provide successful solutions!