Effective treatment for skin rashes available with dermatologist in Algonquin, IL

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Dr. Vikram Khanna and his team at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois in Algonquin, IL
At one time or another, many patients develop skin rashes. They may be caused by a number of different elements, and they can be diagnosed as anything from a simple allergic reaction, to a chronic condition such as eczema. Rashes range from mild to severe, and by working with a dermatologist in the Algonquin, IL area, patients are able to get a proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

What is a skin rash?

A skin rash is any development of bumps or redness on the skin that can be small, large, itchy, or uncomfortable. Rashes may also develop without being bothersome to a patient, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t seek treatment. Rashes are caused by so many different things, that it is best for patients to visit a dermatologist who specializes in skincare rather than a primary care physician. This ensures that patients get a diagnosis that is accurate, which ensures an effective treatment plan. While some simple, mild rashes can benefit from an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, others will only go away with the use of special prescription topicals such as steroids for eczema. This is why it is important to work with a professional who has expertise in skin care to provide a treatment that works with the appropriate diagnosis.

Types of skin rashes

There is a wide range of diagnoses when it comes to skin rashes. In fact, there are hundreds of different types, which is why speaking with a dermatologist about your concerns is the first step in finding the most effective treatment. Some rashes are mild and don’t cause discomfort, while others are severe, itchy, and can spread. Some are extremely noticeable while others are difficult to see. However, a rash develops on the skin for a reason. It may be a sign of a prolonged condition such as psoriasis or eczema, or may be the skin’s reaction to an environmental concern, such as heat allergic rashes. It is best to pinpoint the cause of the rash in order to get the diagnosis necessary to achieve results with effective treatment with the assistance of Dr. Vikram Khanna at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois.


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What is an effective treatment for a skin rash?

Effective treatment with the assistance of Dr. Vikram Khanna at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois. Determining what treatment is best starts with a proper diagnosis. An improper diagnosis may result in an improper treatment, which can either aggravate the rash or can result in no changes – causing patients to be in discomfort longer than necessary. When patients get the right diagnosis, they can then work with their dermatologist to decide what treatment option is best and will address the problem as soon as possible. Treatments may include:
  • Topical creams
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Laser therapies
  • Light therapies
  • Chemical peels
It is best for patients to work with their dermatologist to develop a treatment plan as soon as they get the right diagnosis. This can ensure patients have a better quality of life, especially if the condition is a chronic one. For conditions such as eczema, flare-ups are a real concern. However, by developing a proper skin care routine, many of our patients can keep flare-ups at bay and enjoy healthier, comfortable skin for longer periods of time. This is achieved with the direct assistance of a dedicated dermatologist such as Dr. Vikram Khanna of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois. Patients in the community are able to seek solutions with our team of professionals by calling for an initial appointment and evaluation during which they can consult with our staff.

Discuss diagnosis and treatment of skin rashes with a dermatologist

At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, Dr. Vikram Khanna provides quality services for patients in and around the area of Algonquin, IL. If you are faced with a rash on the skin or deal with chronic rashes, it is best to visit a professional to receive a proper diagnosis and discuss the best treatment option available. We welcome patients to contact the office at 2430 Esplanade Drive, Suite B by calling (844) 307-7546 to make an appointment. We have another office at 2454 Lake Shore Drive in Woodstock, IL for convenience. Take the time to start taking charge of your skin and addressing common concerns.

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