Pediatric dermatologist near Carpentersville, IL offers care for kids

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Dermatologist for Kids near Carpentersville area
Dr. Vikram Khanna of Dermatology Specialists of Illinois is a dermatological professional who is pleased to offer services to patients of all ages. Our dermatologists also provide treatment for children. Kids in the areas of Woodstock and Algonquin near Carpentersville, IL can seek treatment with our team of dermatologists for a variety of pediatric skin conditions that may require expert care, such as warts, eczema, birthmarks, and psoriasis. A pediatric dermatologist has the qualifications to work with children and provide the latest in treatment for most concerns. Pediatric dermatologists are known for providing treatment for kids from birth through adolescence.

What treatments do pediatric dermatologists offer?

A dermatologist for kids can provide medical care for a large range of skin conditions and disorders that may impact children. Some of the more common treatments available through Dermatology Specialists of Illinois may include:
  • Diagnosis of skin concerns such as birthmarks, skin disorders, dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, hives, and more
  • Treatment of skin concerns including topical medications, laser and light therapies, and injectables
  • Prescription of medication that can treat a wide range of skin conditions that can impact the hair, nails, skin, and body
  • Minor surgery such as biopsies, removal of cysts and warts, and laser therapies for vascular birthmarks

Where can I find a dermatologist for kids?

When parents require care for their child that can be addressed with a dermatologist, they are often unsure as to where to look for treatment. Dr. Vic Khanna is a dermatologist who encourages parents to bring their children into Dermatology Specialists of Illinois for an initial evaluation and necessary treatment. What’s great is our dermatological practice can benefit patients of all ages, and the entire household can receive comprehensive care from our team. We welcome new and existing patients into our practice all the time, ensuring everyone has access to dermatological solutions.

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Why choose a pediatric dermatologist?

The treatment of children takes a different approach than the treatment of adults. Children are often unable to verbalize what is bothering them, whether it be itching skin or painful lesions. They may be unable to speak or have trouble answering questions a dermatologist might need answered to get a proper diagnosis. A pediatric dermatologist also understands that the youngest of patients may feel uneasy with a professional they do not know, making it essential that the dermatologist knows how to make children feel at ease in their care. A dermatologist who is trained to work with children often has a specific way of examining a child and treating their conditions in a kid-friendly manner.

Because dermatologists with pediatric knowledge and training have the skills needed to care for children, they are a great resource for parents. These professionals can put parents at ease, letting them know what is normal for a child and what may be reason for concern. Certain conditions appear in children that do not appear in adults, such as infantile hemangioma blood vessel growths, so it’s important to have extensive knowledge of these additional dermatological concerns. A dermatologist with experience in kids will also be able to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment for many common skin concerns that affect children. Dr.Khanna has three children of his own and has great compassion for the needs of children and their dermatologic care.

What treatments does a dermatologist for kids offer?

Dermatologist for Kids near Carpentersville area Image 2 Just as for any other patient, a dermatologist for children can provide a wide range of treatment options for common skin concerns. Our practice is equipped with some of the latest technologies including laser therapies which can be used for the treatment of several different skin concerns. Our team is also familiar with many of the topical prescription medications that work well on common skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema, allowing kids to feel good about being in their own skin!

Interested in a provider who can offer services for your kids?

Contact the team at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois today to learn more about the care provided by our dermatologists for patients of all ages. We have two convenient locations in the areas of Woodstock, IL and Algonquin, IL near Carpentersville, IL and welcome new patients and families to connect with our practice by calling (844) 307-7546. Dr. Vikram Khanna and his experienced team of providers are here to assist the entire household with their dermatological needs.

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