Causes of Benign Moles and the Importance of Annual Screenings

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Benign Moles in Algonquin IL Area
Finding the right specialist for benign moles removal can be a daunting task. That's why at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, we make understanding your options easy. Dr. Vikram Khanna is one of the top authorities in dermatology with years of experience. Together with his team, Dr. Khanna has successfully treated many patients afflicted with benign moles.

Having benign moles is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. At some point, most people will develop at least one mole on their bodies. However, it's imperative to have your mole mapped and examined by a skilled dermatologist a minimum of once every year. Annual screenings are vital, and our team also teaches our patients how to check their moles at home so they can identify changes that may require more extensive treatment.

Causes of Benign Moles

Moles on our bodies and in our yards have one thing in common — both are unwanted guests. The moles that develop on our skin are no more than skin cells that clustered together rather than spread out evenly. The kind of cells that make up moles are called melanocytes, and these cells also create our skin's pigment.

Why is Screening So Important?

While most moles are harmless, there are cases where they can become cancerous. This kind of cancer is known as malignant melanoma and can be life-threatening. Sadly, the incidence of people developing melanoma are pretty high and continue to rise yearly. If left untreated, melanoma is usually fatal.

Thankfully, early detection and treatment are usually simple and, in most cases, lead to curing the affliction.


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We can't stress the importance of screening enough. Here at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, we understand we live in unusual times, so we offer virtual screening for patients concerned about COVID-19.

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