Using the Mohs Micrographic Technique for Skin Cancer Removal

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Mohs Micrographic Technique in Woodstock IL Area
While a skin cancer diagnosis can be scary and surprising for some, it can often be adequately handled with the help of a trained and experienced dermatologist in the Woodstock, Illinois area. Dr. Vikram Khanna and his dedicated team of professionals at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois are pleased to offer various treatments for patients diagnosed with skin cancer, including the Mohs micrographic technique. This procedure is a skin cancer removal treatment that can be used in unique situations to address skin cancer on the face or body.

What is the Mohs Micrographic Technique?

The Mohs micrographic technique is a type of surgery that can be used to remove skin cancer. This procedure is often used when other methods, such as topical treatments or traditional surgery, have not been effective in treating skin cancer or when it would be more appropriate to use the Mohs technique. The Mohs micrographic technique involves removing layers of skin cancer until only healthy tissue remains. This method allows the dermatologist to take a small layer of skin and examine it under a microscope and determine if any cancer cells remain.

What are the Benefits of the Mohs Micrographic Technique?

There are many benefits associated with the Mohs micrographic technique, so it is often recommended for patients diagnosed with skin cancer. It can be somewhat less invasive than other treatment options. This surgical procedure only removes a thin layer of tissue at one time to ensure that the skin cancer cells are removed effectively. The Mohs micrographic procedure also removes only a thin layer of tissue at one time to ensure that the skin cancer cells are removed effectively. This option may reduce scarring. While all forms of surgery come with some risk for scarring, this particular treatment aims to reduce scarring, making it perfect for areas of high visibility such as the face to avoid disfigurement. This treatment is also recommended for recurring cancers to ensure all cells are removed.


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What are Some Other Skin Cancer Removal Methods Used By Dr. Vikram Khanna?

In addition to the Mohs micrographic technique, other methods can be used to remove skin cancer from the body. These include topical treatments, cryotherapy, electrodesiccation and curettage, radiation therapy, and traditional surgery. The type of cancer, the size of the cancer, and the location of the cancer may dictate the best treatment for a patient. The selected type of treatment recommended depends on the site and severity of the skin cancer. Dr. Vikram Khanna will work with each patient individually to develop the right treatment plan for their unique needs and goals.

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