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Miradry Treatment for Excessive Underarm Sweating in Algonquin Area
Excessive underarm sweating and the odor that comes with it are annoying for many people and affect their health and well-being. This condition is called hyperhidrosis, and it can be a reason for emotional distress. It can cause social anxiety and limit people from reaching the goals they have set for themselves in their lives. It is a severe condition, but on the upside, there is a solution in the form of a newer treatment called miraDry treatment with Dr. Vikram Khanna in Algonquin.

How miraDry Treatment Works

miraDry treatment is focused on the underarm area where many people experience excessive sweating. It does not affect the rest of your body's sweat glands which means your body will still sweat as it was designed to do, which is also vital to your general health and wellness.

miraDry using thermal energy produces heat within your underarm area's sweat glands and eliminates the sweat and odor glands. It reduces sweat by about 82 percent and the odor that accompanies it by nearly 90 percent. Most patients find relief after only one treatment, but your doctor will determine how many treatments you require to get the desired results you want.

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Side Effects are Minimal

Each appointment for your miraDry treatment will take about an hour, and local anesthesia is used to provide comfort for each patient during the treatment. Most people can return to work and other everyday activities immediately following the procedure. Still, they may experience slight swelling in the underarm areas along with some bruising, sensitivity, and numbness for several days after treatment.

miraDry is a fantastic treatment that is a safe and FDA-approved solution to reduce excessive underarm sweating significantly. If you have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or feel that you have it and are bothered by it, this long-lasting, clinically proven treatment is for you.

When it comes to miraDry treatment in the Algonquin area, Dr. Vikram Khanna and the team at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois are here to help. Call for an appointment today at 844-307-7546 to get started with your miraDry recovery immediately.

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