Dermatologist in Algonquin, IL offers treatment of aging skin with Dysport injections

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Dysport Treatment in Algonquin IL area
At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, Algonquin, IL area patients who are faced with aging skin will often ask about the treatment options available to them for addressing common concerns. While plastic surgery is always an option, it can be expensive and sometimes not appropriate for patients with mild lines and wrinkles. Dr. Vikram Khanna is here to offer patients cosmetic injections that can provide results for a shorter period without the expense and downtime involved with plastic surgery. Many patients who have dynamic wrinkles may benefit from injections such as Dysport.

What is Dysport?

Our dermatologists describe Dysport as an injectable treatment that can be used in enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance. It is formulated with botulinum toxin type A, an ingredient known as a neuromodulator. The way neuromodulators work is that when they are injected into muscles, they can reduce contractions. Dermatologists can use Dysport to inject facial muscles that can tighten and result in the formation of wrinkles and folds. The common areas where dynamic wrinkles form include the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. This can create forehead folds, glabellar lines, and crow’s feet. Targeting these areas with this type of an injectable is an effective method of treatment for both men and women experiencing the signs of aging on their facial skin.

Is Dysport safe?

Dysport has been used for many years and has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Dysport is similar to Botox, which has been used for decades for not only aesthetic purposes but also for specific medical issues such as chronic migraines and overactive bladders. Dysport is highly unlikely to result in an allergic reaction and has been deemed safe by many professionals in the industry. Dysport has been clinically tested and studied extensively to ensure that it is appropriate for human use for cosmetic purposes.

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Who is a candidate for Dysport?

To determine if Dysport is appropriate for a specific patient, we encourage him or her to come into the practice for an evaluation with Dr. Vikram Khanna. During this time, we can assess the skin and decide if Dysport is the most appropriate way to address the aging skin of concern. Some patients with more severe wrinkles and folds may benefit from not only Dysport, but a combination of neuromodulators, traditional dermal fillers, and collagen stimulators. Some patients may also be able to treat their fine lines and wrinkles with treatment options such as laser therapies or chemical peels. To decide what is best, a consultation visit should get the ball rolling on ideas that can be used in enhancing a patient’s skin.

What are the benefits of Dysport injections?

Dysport injections are:
  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • FDA approved

Can Dysport be used in conjunction with other injectables?

Can Dysport be used in conjunction with other injectables in Algonquin IL area Absolutely! Many patients will use two or more injectables to achieve a “liquid face lift.” Additionally, patients may consider injectables as well as skin therapies that can treat the wrinkles from the outside in. These treatments can be added to one’s skin care routine. Additionally, our dermatologists may walk patients through an appropriate skin care regimen to ensure that they are using the best products for their aging skin to keep fine liens and wrinkles at bay.

How long does Dysport last?

Most injections of Dysport will provide the patient with several months of improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles. Patients often come in for reinjection every six months or sooner if changes occur. Maintaining routine injections allows patients to enjoy their results longer and slow the overall aging process on the skin.

Interested in Dysport injections?

If you have considered the benefits of cosmetic injections available at our practice, we welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Vikram Khanna to discuss your options. We can be reached by calling 844-307-7546 to access our Algonquin, IL area practice located in Suite B at 2430 Esplanade Drive. We accept new patients into our facility for comprehensive dermatological care.

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