Dermatologist near Crystal Lake, IL offers PRP injection treatment for patients dealing with hair loss

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Near Crystal Lake, IL PRP Injection Treatment for Hair Loss
Dr. Vikram Khanna near Crystal Lake, IL is a dermatologist who works with patients at his practice, Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, to provide them services for their hair, skin, body, and nails. Patients struggling with hair thinning and loss may be unsure as to the options for treatment available to them. They may wonder what solutions are available that do not require hair transplants or other invasive procedures. Our team can evaluate a patient’s condition and provide amazing solutions for hair loss, including the advanced method of PRP injections.

What is PRP therapy?

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” This plasma is actually extracted from a patient’s own blood and then reinjected into the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth. These natural growth factors that are derived from the patient’s own body will provide increased blood supply to the follicles of hair. This revolutionary treatment for hair growth may be aired with oral and topical medications for enhanced results. . PRP technology was developed in the 1980s and but has recently found to help for hair growth. This is a great way to address hair loss for men and women in the Algonquin and Woodstock, IL area.

What is the process of PRP therapy?

PRP injections with Dr. Vikram Khanna is a multi-step process that occurs after an initial evaluation. During the consultation visit, our professionals will evaluate the severity of hair loss and thinning and may recommend PRP therapy, which can be started the same day. The steps for PRP therapy include:
  • Blood draw – first, Dr. Vikram Khanna needs to harvest the platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood, so a blood draw is done. This is typically done with a needle in the arm and takes just a few minutes to procure.
  • Centrifuge – a centrifuge is a special machine that is used in the dermatology office to separate blood. The blood draw is placed in this device to separate the blood and obtain the platelet-rich plasma from the sample.
  • Injections – once the platelet-rich plasma has been extracted from the patient’s own blood, it is then injected directly into the areas of the scalp in need of increased hair growth.

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Patients who have PRP injections will be advised that the results are not immediate, but rather happen over time as the hair follicles produce more hair. Our team can educate patients on what they can expect to ensure they achieve the results they desire.

Side effects of PRP treatment

Since PRP therapy injections utilize a patient’s own blood, there are no risks of obtaining communicable diseases and no risk of allergic reactions. However, patients may still have certain side effects that are related to the injections, such as discomfort at the time of injection, transient tenderness, or soreness. These are often mild, and most of our patients do not experience these thanks to the skilled hands of our professionals offering treatment.

Am I a candidate for PRP injections?

Near Crystal Lake, IL PRP Injection Treatment for Hair Loss Image 2 Before undergoing PRP therapy for hair loss, Dr. Vikram Khanna will first speak with patients regarding their medical history to determine if they can benefit from this or other treatments available at the office for hair thinning and loss. Patients who have certain medical concerns may not be considered appropriate candidates for PRP therapy:

What other ways can hair loss and thinning be treated?

Other opportunities for addressing hair concerns available at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois may include vitamins, medications, or laser light therapies. We encourage patients to ask about all these solutions when consulting with their dermatologists for care.

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Dr. Vic Khanna and his staff at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois service patients in the areas of Algonquin and Woodstock near Crystal Lake, IL who are interested in addressing hair thinning and loss that may be making them feel self-conscious. Call the main line at (844) 307-7546 today to book a consultation appointment with our staff to find out if you are a proper candidate for PRP injections or other hair restoration techniques available at our office.