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Lipoma Removal Treatment in Algonquin IL
There are many unusual lumps and bumps that can develop on the skin. A standard primary care physician may not be familiar with all that can happen, which is why it is best to work with a dermatologist in Algonquin, IL who can provide a proper diagnosis as well as appropriate treatment options. Lipomas are skin growths that may require removal and can be easy to address at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois.


Cysts, lipomas, and other skin growths are common, and not always a huge concern. Lipomas are lumps that can develop underneath the skin. They are a mass of fatty tissue and can show up anywhere on the body. These tumors are rarely harmful or cancerous, though they can become painful, sore, and tender. At this point, patients may ask their dermatologist about the opportunity of removal to ensure they are more comfortable in their own skin.

What classifies a growth as a lipoma?

  • A lipoma is colorless or pale
  • Small
  • Underneath the skin
  • Soft
  • Easy to move with the finger
These skin growths can be evaluated in our practice at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois and are deemed as safe and noncancerous in most situations. However, in some rare instances, these lipomas may be malignant. These are known as liposarcomas. Because of this situation, we will send removed lipomas out to a lab for an assessment and a biopsy to ensure that the removed lipomas are not cancerous. If it comes back as a liposarcoma, our dermatologist will contact the patient and discuss treatment options. This pathologic analysis is done for many skin growths that are removed just as a safety precaution.

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What removal methods are available for lipomas?

Most patients will have their lipomas removed with surgical excision. The dermatologist cuts into the skin to remove the lipoma. This minimal excision may result in scarring, but depending on the location of the lipoma, this may not be of concern – especially if the lipoma is causing extreme discomfort to the patient. In some cases, our team may encourage patients to book a follow-up appointment to ensure the area is healing well and that the lipoma has been fully removed.

Who is a candidate for surgical excision?

Any patient who has a lipoma and is interested in removal can connect with Dermatology Specialists of Illinois to discuss removal methods. We encourage patients to take charge of their skin and not be embarrassed by unusual growths. When patients come into the practice, they can get a proper diagnosis and then discuss the treatment options available to them. In the rare instance that a patient is diagnosed with a liposarcomas, our team can refer patients to the appropriate oncologists to learn more about treatment.

What is the difference between a cyst and a lipoma?

What is the difference between a cyst and a lipoma in Algonquin Il area Cysts and lipomas may be easily confused, but they are two different types of growths. Cysts are often solid and have a darker opening spot. They may be semi-solid or even filled with liquid. They can also become extremely large, even as large as a grapefruit! Cysts can also be squeezed, though it is not advisable to do so. At Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, we encourage patients to come into our practice for removal of cysts and lipomas to ensure that it is done safely and is done in a way to reduce scarring. A visit to the dermatology office also ensures a proper diagnosis of the skin growth.

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