Benefits of Mole Removal by a Dermatologist

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How to Remove Moles in Algonquin Area
There are many benefits for mole removal by a dermatologist that are beneficial for your health and well-being, especially if you have a mole that has changed colors, grown more prominent, or is giving you pain in any way.

Moles are created by skin cells that produce pigment, which is why you can have a mole that is bluish in color, black, or brown, and some may even be the same color as your flesh. Usually, moles are harmless, but some people want them removed for cosmetic purposes or because they are causing discomfort when they rub on clothing or get caught on jewelry. If you have a mole that looks different than it used to, changes in size, you should contact a dermatologist immediately to take care of the situation since it could be a form of skin cancer.

There are several ways the moles can be removed by a doctor or dermatologist, including freezing the mole off of the skin or the following two best methods, which are listed below.

Mole removal methods include:

Surgical Shave: a trusted dermatologist can use the surgical shave method, which means they will shave the mole from your skin by using a surgical blade. Since the mole is being scraped off your skin, usually, there will be no need for any stitches or sutures afterward, preventing leaving a scar.

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Surgical Excision: The surgical extension method is also commonly used by dermatologists, which means they will cut the surrounding skin and altogether remove the entire area. You will need stitches to close the skin back together. If you do have a scar from this, it's usually tiny. Suppose a biopsy of the mole was already taken and was found to be a kind of skin cancer, such as basal cell, squamous cell, or malignant melanoma. In that case, your dermatologist will more than likely cut a larger area around the mole to be biopsied to ensure that all borders are clear and free of any cancerous cells.

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