Dermatologist in Algonquin, IL describes the benefits of blue light phototherapy

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Benefits of Blue Light Phototherapy in Algonquin IL area
Skin conditions that affect patients’ overall quality of life can have a negative impact on the way they feel about their appearance. When conditions affect the skin, including acne, it can cause patients to feel extremely self-conscious. It can affect their business and personal relationships. It is a common misconception that teenagers are the only age group to develop acne, it can occur at any age. When patients are seeking a stronger treatment for acne than over-the-counter treatments or are looking for a service to combine with their acne skin care regimen, we encourage them to learn about the benefits of blue light phototherapy from a dermatologist in Algonquin, IL. Dr. Vikram Khanna and his team at Dermatology Specialists of Illinois can evaluate patients to determine if they would benefit from this or other state-of-the-art treatment options.

What is blue light phototherapy?

Blue light phototherapy is the administration of a special blue light that can target bacteria on the skin and kill it. When patients are struggling with acne, bacteria can have an impact on the skin and can make it more difficult to control the problem. When patients use blue light phototherapy on the area of concern, they can target the bacteria that is contributing to their acne. The devices used for blue light phototherapy are approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne vulgaris that is mild to moderate and nonresponsive to other therapies. The treatment is carried out in our office by our trained, experienced staff.

Benefits of blue light therapy

There are advantages to blue light therapy that make it a welcome opportunity for many of our patients. Blue light phototherapy is:
  • Affordable
  • Free from downtime, healing, and recovery
  • Fast and efficient
  • Mild enough for sensitive skin
  • Combinable with other acne treatments
  • Great for mild to moderate acne
  • Effective at killing bacteria on the skin that contribute to acne

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Some patients may choose to undergo a single blue light phototherapy session, though the best results are seen with regular treatments performed in our practice.

Who is a candidate for blue light phototherapy?

The best candidates for this treatment are patients who have mild to moderate acne. They may be looking for a stand-alone treatment because of ineffective acne treatments in the past, or they may want to incorporate blue light phototherapy into their current skin care regimen for faster results. Our team of professionals can evaluate patients’ skin and decide which solution is most appropriate for their specific needs based on treatments they have tried in the past and their current skin care plan. Our professionals are here to assess patients and decide if they can benefit from advanced therapies such as blue light phototherapy.

Does blue light phototherapy hurt?

Does blue light phototherapy hurt in Algonquin IL area Treatment with this light is completely comfortable and pain-free. Patients relax in the treatment chair as the specialized light is shined onto the skin. Treatment is fast, yet effective, and patients do not need anesthetics or numbing gels as they would with other light-based treatments such as laser therapies. This non-invasive treatment is highly recommended to our patients as an easy and comfortable way to treat stubborn acne that may be unresponsive to other medications.

Combining therapies

Blue light phototherapy can be combined with topical medications and oral prescriptions that are often used for the treatment of acne in teenage and adult patients. Evaluations are essential to discuss the combination of services for faster, more effective results.

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